We are delighted to be able to offer the following workshops to our delegates. All workshops will take place live over Zoom, and you must be a registered conference attendee to be able to view and participate in the workshops.

Getting Jobs Outside Academia: Skills and CVs for PGs and ECRs 

  • Led by Dr. Emily Paterson-Morgan (Byron Society Director; Editor in Chief, Knowledge E)

This workshop is designed to help Postgraduates and Early Career Researchers with what can be a tricky and rather daunting transition from university to the job market. Whether you just need short-term or flexible employment until the monograph is completed or whether you are considering leaving academia entirely, this workshop can help. The first part of this 45-minute session will look at some of the jobs you might not know you are qualified for, while the second part will teach you how to re-package your academic skills for the non-academic employment market. This will be followed by a Q&A.

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Working in Heritage

  • Led by Dr. Charlotte May (Cultural Engagement Fellow, University of Nottingham) and Fiona Lewin (Senior House Manager, National Trust)

Fiona, Senior House Manager at The Workhouse, National Trust, will draw on her experience in this role to provide the expert overview of heritage sector careers. Charlotte, Cultural Engagement Fellow at the University of Nottingham and currently working with Keswick Museum, will talk about the skills and experiences you need to complement your PhD if you are considering the sector. Together, they will discuss their routes into working with heritage, what a typical day and week entail, and be available to answer any further questions you have.

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Academic Interviews

  • Led by Dr. Andrew McInnes (Senior Lecturer in English, Edge Hill University)

This workshop will give a practical account of applying for jobs, preparing for interviews, and hints and tips for presentations and interviews. It will explore how to present your research, professional skills, and experience effectively in job applications, interview presentations, and in the interview itself. A Q&A will follow.

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